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The stock continued its consolidation in today's trading session as well. It has resistance at 303 while support at 285.
R2-  306.4,  R1-  301.2,  PP  298.25,  S1-  293.05,  S2-  290.1

HDFC Bank is consolidating at the higher level and in a tight range of 2130-2245. The stock is now trading in the negative bias and looking weak till it's sustained below the level of 2245. So selling on higher level will be good strategy in the stock.
R2-  2215.52,  R1-  2199.63,  PP  2189.12,  S1-  2173.23,  S2-  2162.72

Hindalco is trading in the bearish trend. The stock is looking weak and below the support level of 196 it may continue to trade in downtrend in the coming trading sessions.
R2-  208.72,  R1-  205.93,  PP  204.22,  S1-  201.43,  S2-  199.72

HUL is trading in bearish trend. The stocks has quite trading session today and it is holding crucial support of 267 and if this level is breached then some more correction may be seen in it in the coming time.
R2-  279.58,  R1-  275.47,  PP  272.23,  S1-  268.12,  S2-  264.88

Infosys in today's trading session was moving sideways, a gap down opening mad it to trade and close below the 10 days and 50 days moving averages. It is now taking resistance at 3000 above this level it would be in an upward trend. One can go for long position in it at 3000 above this level it would be in an upward trend.
R2-  3078.87,  R1-  3054.88,  PP  3037.47,  S1-  3013.48,  S2-  2996.07


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