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The stock today managed to cross its resistance level and made a high of 1035. One could go for buying on dip strategy in the stock as it is expected to continue its bullish trend after a short term correction in coming trading sessions.
R2- 1049.03, R1- 1035.57, PP 1021.53, S1- 1008.07, S2- 994.03
The stock continued to move in an up rally after crossing its resistance this week. It now faces next resistance at 132; crossing of this level may continue the bullish trend of the stock after a short term correction.
R2- 134.93, R1- 132.47, PP 128.53, S1- 126.07, S2- 122.13
The stock is being consolidating after a fall previously. It has next resistance at 233; crossing of this level may take the stock further up.
R2- 231.05, R1- 228.75, PP 226.1, S1- 223.8, S2- 221.15
HDFC Bank is consolidating at the higher level and in a tight range of 2130-2245. The stock is now trading in the negative bias and looking weak till it's sustained below the level of 2245. So selling on higher level will be good strategy in the stock.
R2- 2215.52, R1- 2199.63, PP 2189.12, S1- 2173.23, S2- 2162.72
IDFC remains quite and trading in a narrow range. The stock is holding support of 140 from the last few trading sessions. So if it continues to hold the support level then above the level of 148 some uptrend may be seen in it. The stock is looking risky below the level of 140.
R2- 148.43, R1- 147.37, PP 146.43, S1- 145.37, S2- 144.43

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