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Wipro has continued with the uptrend and has closing above the resistance level of 460. So if it continues to hold the level then above the level it may continue the uptrend in the coming trading sessions.
Resistance2- 470.47    Pivot Point 459.87    Support1- 455.58
Resistance1- 466.18                                      Support2- 449.27
TCS is trading in a tight range of 1050-1140. The stock has shown some pull back from the support level and closed on stronger notes. So above the resistance level of 1140 it may show uptrend in the coming trading sessions.
Resistance2- 1136.9    Pivot Point 1118.2    Support1- 1109.7
Resistance1- 1128.4                                      Support2- 1099.5
Tata steel has short term uptrend. The stock is facing selling pressure at the level of 620 in the short run and if breach this level of 620 then some upside may be seen in it. The stock may show correction if falls below the level of 608.
Resistance2- 624.63    Pivot Point 614.53   Support1- 608.92
Resistance1- 619.02                                     Support2- 604.43
Reliance capital from the last few trading session, it is moving in an upward trend and manages to trade above the 10 days and 50 days moving averages. It
is now taking support at 562 and resistance at 594.
Resistance2- 597.83    Pivot Point 586.08   Support1- 580.42
Resistance1- 592.17                                     Support2- 574.33
In today's trading session it was down by 2.16 %, from this level further downside movement would be expected. It is looking bearish in the coming trading session if it manages to trade below the support level of 870 else above resistance level of 90 it would be in an upward trend.
Resistance2- 91.15     Pivot Point 88.65     Support1- 87.3
Resistance1- 89.8                                        Support2- 86.15 


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