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The stock had a correction in today's trading session after a continuous up rally earlier this week. It faces next resistance at 1330; crossing of this level will take the stock further up.
R2- 1305.72, R1- 1292.53, PP 1276.82, S1- 1263.63, S2- 1247.92
The stock had a steep pull back from its support levels and moved in an up rally. One could go for buying on dip strategy until it crosses the level of 1335 in downside as it is expected to continue its bullish trend.
R2- 1382.47, R1- 1368.98, PP 1355.77, S1- 1342.28, S2- 1329.07
The stock is consolidating currently. If it manages to cross its level of 1995 in upside it may go further upside while it has support at 1900, breach of this level may take the stock downward.
R2- 1943.98, R1- 1932.07, PP 1923.03, S1- 1911.12, S2- 1902.08
The stock is being consolidating after a fall previously. It has next resistance at 233; crossing of this level may take the stock further up while it has support at 218.50, breach of this level may take the stock down.
R2- 227.2, R1- 224.45, PP 221, S1- 218.25, S2- 214.8
Tata power has volatile trading sessions today. The stock is recovering from the earlier losses and has good closing. So above the level of 1240 it may continue the uptrend in the coming trading sessions.
R2- 1256.72, R1- 1243.43, PP 1224.72, S1- 1211.43, S2- 1192.72



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