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The stock is moving in a sideways trend currently. It has resistance at 1016; crossing of this level may take the stock further upwards till the levels of 1030-1045 in coming trading sessions else it may also bounce from resistance level.
R2 - 1020.68, R1- 1012.57, PP 1001.33, S1- 993.22, S2- 981.98
The stock is currently moving with positive biasness after taking support at lower levels. It faces resistance at 1351; crossing of this level may bring some more up movement in the stock. One could go for buying on dip strategy in the stock until it breaches level of 1228 in downside.
R2 - 1345.05, R1 - 1323, PP 1307.5 , S1- 1285.45, S2- 1269.95
The stock is facing sideways trend. It faces next resistance at 573, and crossing of this level may take the stock further upward while it has support at 524, breach of this level may take the stock downward.
R2 - 585.1, R1- 568.3 , PP 555.65, S1- 538.85, S2- 526.2
The stock is currently facing a correction phase after a continuous up rally previously. One should wait for crossing of level on either side before taking any positions in it.
R2 - 354.42, R1- 348.38, PP 344.97, S1- 338.93, S2- 335.52
GAIL India has volatile trading session. The stock was closed flat with the positive bias and if continue to hold the support level of 435 in the short run then some uptrend may be seen in it.
R2 - 450.45, R1- 445.8, PP 439.95, S1- 435.3, S2- 429.45 


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