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WIPRO continued its downside movement today also and made an intraday low of 444. The major trend for the stock is looking weak on the charts and it is
expected to consolidate with negative biasness in shor term.
Resistance2-  480.6,  Resistance1-  465.2,  Pivot Point  456.6,  Support1-  441.2,  Support2-  432.6
TCS sustained below the support level and made an intraday low of 1140. Now the stock has resistance level at 1200 and support level at 1128. Its trend is looking weak in short term; one may go for sell on rise strategy, until it crosses the level of 1172 on upside.
Resistance2-  1237,  Resistance1-  1214.2,  Pivot Point  1197.1,  Support1-  1174.3,  Support2-  1157.2
Tata motor showed correction in today's trading session. The stock has resistance level of 1261 and support level of 1194. In the short term it is expected to move with negative biasness.
Resistance2-  1284.95,  Resistance1-  1260.4,  Pivot Point  1244.45,  Support1-  1219.9,  Support2-  1203.95
The stock had a correction rally in today's trading session, one could go for sell on rise strategy in the stock as it is expected to have a weak trend and may move till the levels of 300-295 in coming trading sessions.
Resistance2-  325.9,  Resistance1-  321,  Pivot Point  318.1,  Support1-  313.2,  Support2-  310.3
The stock has managed to cross its resistance level and moved in an up rally, its next resistance at 187, crossing of this level may take the stock further upwards while has support at 170, breach of this will bring the stock downward.
Resistance2-  174.25,  Resistance1-  172.85,  Pivot Point  171.55,  Support1-  170.15,  Support2-  168.85


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