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The stock is being consolidating at higher levels with positive biasness. It faces major resistance at 155.50, crossing of this level may continue its bullish trend while has support at 144, breach of this level will bring downward movement in the stock.
Resistance2-  153.33,  Resistance1-  151.92,  Pivot Point  150.48,  Support1-  149.07,  Support2-  147.63
The stock today managed to breach its support level and had a correction as expected in today's trading session. It now has next support at 2100, breach of this level will move the stock further downward else it may also bounce back.
Resistance2-  2214.77,  Resistance1-  2173.33,  Pivot Point  2141.82,  Support1-  2100.38,  Support2-  2068.87
The stock had a sharp recovery from lower levels in today's trading session. It now has resistance at 350, crossing of this level will bring upward movement in the stock.
Resistance2-  355.33,   Resistance1-  349.97,   Pivot Point   341.48,   Support1-  336.12,  Support2-  327.63
The stock was not able to sustain at higher level and moved down during its trading hours. The stock is presently facing resistance at 1678 and has support at 1600. Break of support may take the stock further down. The stock is close to its support and one can go for selling the stock once it breaks its support.
Resistance2-  1660.12,  Resistance1-  1641.53,  Pivot Point  1630.77,  Support1-  1612.18,  Support2-  1601.42
After giving a gap up opening the stock was found to be consolidating during its trading hours and no major movement was seen in the stock. The stock is facing resistance at 2400 and has support at 2320. Break of resistance may take the stock further up and one may take a buy position in the stock above its resistance.
Resistance2-  2377.43,  Resistance1-  2361.72,  Pivot Point  2343.08,  Support1-  2327.37,  Support2-  2308.73


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