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The stock is consolidating with positive biasness after a continuous up rally previously. It faces major resistance at 157, crossing of this level may continue its bullish trend else it may also resist at higher levels.
Resistance2-  154.82,  Resistance1-  153.13,  Pivot Point  150.92,  Support1-  149.23,  Support2-  147.02
Axis bank is currently moving in a bullish trend. The stock has major resistance at 1461, and support level at 1405. The stock may check the resistance level at 1461, and if it sustain above this level then further positive movement can be expected.
Resistance2-  1481.45,  Resistance1-  1463.6,  Pivot Point  1440.15,  Support1-  1422.3,  Support2-  1398.85
Bajaj Auto is in correction phase after upside shown in previous sessions. The stock has resistance level at 1485 and above this level it is looking further strong. It has support at 1421, and if it sustain below this level further correction can be seen.
Resistance2-  1469.35,  Resistance1-  1454.8,  Pivot Point  1445.4,  Support1-  1430.85,  Support2-  1421.45
A sideways movement can be seen in the stock and the stock was found to be trading up. The resistance for the stock is 220. Break of resistance may take the stock further up. One may go for buying the stock at dips.
Resistance2-  220.22,  Resistance1-  218.13,  Pivot Point  215.42,  Support1-  213.33,  Support2-  210.62
IDFC has a major uptrend but today it took corrective movements. The stock has resistance level at 170 if it sustain above this level it may further continue its bullish trend, else it is expected to trade sideways. It has short term support at 161.
Resistance2-  167.37,  Resistance1-  165.28,  Pivot Point  163.97,  Support1-  161.88,  Support2-  160.57


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