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Suzlon was highly bullish last week and gained 13.40%. Now the stock is expected to take some corrective movements in near term, although above the resistance level of 57 it may further continue the uptrend in the coming time. It has short term support support at 52.
Resistance2-  61.82,  Resistance1-  58.48,  Pivot Point  53.02,  Support1-  49.68,  Support2-  44.22
The stock is moving in an uptrend from last a few trading sessions. A short term correction is expected in the stock. It faces next resistance at 180; crossing of this level will further take up the stock while has support at 165, breach of this level may bring downward movement.
Resistance2-  180.6,  Resistance1-  175.5,  Pivot Point  172.2,  Support1-  167.1,  Support2-  163.8
The stock has managed to cross its resistance level and moved in an up rally, its next resistance at 187, crossing of this level may take the stock further upwards while has support at 170, breach of this will bring the stock downward.
Resistance2-  186.53,  Resistance1-  180.32,  Pivot Point  175.73,  Support1-  169.52,  Support2-  164.93
It is now taking support at 664 and resistance at 710.It is weak on chart in today's trading session it was down by -2.17 % from this level further downside of movement would be expected. Once can go for short position in it at 664 below this level it might be in a bearish trend.
Resistance2-  716.7,  Resistance1-  697.55,  Pivot Point  685.85,  Support1-  666.7,  Support2-  655
After making a high of 192.75 it is continuously moving in a downward trend, in today's trading session it down by 1.29 %. It is looking weak on charts; one can go for short position in it at 180 below this level it would be in a downward trend.
Resistance2-  196.55,  Resistance1-  190.15,  Pivot Point  186.35,  Support1-  179.95,  Support2-  176.15


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