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ONGC battered down to the level of 261.40 and it is now trading at 274.45, in today's trading session it manages to trade and closes above the 10 days and 50 days moving averages. It is now looking strong on charts. One can go for long position in it at 285 for the target of 300.
Resistance2-  285.08,  Resistance1-  279.77,  Pivot Point  271.03,
Support1-  265.72,  Support2-  256.98
The stock had a sharp upward movement during the trading hours. The stock broke its resistance at 1840 and marked a high of 1949. The stock is highly bullish and a further up movement can be seen in the stock once it breaks its resistance level. The resistance for the stock is 1950.
Resistance2-  2028, Resistance1-  1956,  Pivot Point  1877, 
Support1-  1805,  Support2-  1726
The stock had an up rally in today's trading session. One should wait for sometime in the stock as its is expected to consolidate a bit after a sharp fall previously.
Resistance2-  225.6,  Resistance1-  221.55,  Pivot Point  215.35,
Support1-  211.3,  Support2-  205.1
As said earlier, ITC is in sideways trend and today also it traded in tight range. The stock has resistance level at 192 and support level at 182. As said earlier, it is in sideways trend from last many sessions and expected to remain range bound in short term.
Resistance2-  190.33,  Resistance1-  188.67,  Pivot Point  187.33,
Support1-  185.67,  Support2-  184.33
The stock is currently consolidating; it has support at 363, breach of this level may take the stock further down while it has resistance at 376.50, crossing of this level may take the stock upward. One has to wait for crossing of levels on either side.
Resistance2-  377.5,  Resistance1-  372.4,  Pivot Point  368.6,
Support1-  363.5,  Support2-  359.7


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