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The stock had consolidated throughout this week after a steep downfall previously. It now has next support at 960, breach of this level may continue the bearish trend of the stock else it may also bounce back from lower support levels and has resistance at 1002, crossing of which will take it further upwards.
Resistance2-  999.88,  Ressistance1-  982.92,  Pivot Point  972.83,
Support1-  955.87,  Support2-  945.78

The stock is currently consolidating in a range. Its next resistance is at 1363, crossing of this level may bring some more upward movement in the stock while support is at 1280, breach of this level may take it downward.
Resistance2-  1334.27,  Resistance1-  1319.63,  Pivot Point  1308.37,
Support1-  1293.73,  Support2-  1282.47

The stock had a correction in today's trading session. One could hold the long positions in the stock as it is expected to continue its uptrend in coming trading sessions and may move till the levels of 320-322 in near term. z
Resistance2-  321.1,  Resistance1-  315.3,  Pivot Point  310.2, 
Support1-  304.4,  Support2-  299.3

The stock has successfully taken support at lower levels and managed to reach the mentioned levels last week, its next resistance is at 235, crossing of this level will take the stock further upwards else it may have some correction also after a sharp upturn.
Resistance2-  230.07,  Resistance1-  226.28,  Pivot Point  223.82,
Support1-  220.03,  Support2-  217.57

After a continuous down rally in the stock a recovery was seen in the stock during the trading hours but the stock was not able to sustain around its resistance of 435. The stock is now facing resistance at 439 and has support at 418. Break of support may take the stock further down.
Resistance2-  455.3,  Resistance1-  445.65,  Pivot Point  429.15,
Support1-  419.5,  Support2-  403


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