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The stock is consolidating and tried to take support at lower levels and had an up rally in today's trading session. One could go for sell on rise strategy in the stock until it crosses the level of 137 in upside.
Resistance2-  141.13,  Resistance1-  138.77,  Pivot Point  134.63
Support1-  132.27,  Support2-  128.13
ITC showed negative side movement today but remained range bound. The stock has resistance level at 192 and support level at 182. It is in sideways trend from last many sessions and expected to remain range bound in short term.
Resistance2-  192.63,  Resistance1-  189.67,  Pivot Point  187.93,
Support1-  184.97,  Support2-  183.23
KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK had sideways movements in today's trading session and later it showed little recovery. The stock has support level at 402 and resistance level at 421. It is expected to remain sideways in short term, also if it continues to sustain above the support level a bounce back can be seen in it.
Resistance2-  422.7,  Resistance1-  419.4,  Pivot Point  413.7, 
Support1-  410.4,  Support2-  404.7
The stock has successfully resisted at higher levels and had a downward trend, its major support is at 214.50, and breach of this level may continue its bearish trend.
Resistance2-  230.7,  Resistance1-  224.6,  Pivot Point  219.9, 
Support1-  213.8,  Support2-  209.1
IDFC remained sideways in today's trading session and traded in tight range. Now the stock has resistance level at 134 and support level at 129. In short term it is expected to consolidate with positive biasness.
Resistance2-  134.23,  Resistance1-  133.37,  Pivot Point  131.88,
Support1-  131.02,  Support2-  129.53


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