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The stock is currently consolidating after a steep downfall previously. It now has next support at 960, breach of this level may continue the bearish trend of the stock else it may also bounce back from lower support levels.
Resistance2-  1019.9,  Resistance1-  1009.9,  Pivot Point  1000,  Support1-  990,  Support2-  980.1
The stock consolidated in today's trading session after a downfall in previous week. Its next support is at 131, one should now wait in the stock as a short term recovery can be seen the stock after a continuous fall.
Resistance2-  142.97,  Resistance1-  141.18,  Pivot Point  139.92,  Support1-  138.13,  Support2-  136.87
The stock had a sharp recovery in today's session and was up by around 4%. Now breaching of next support level 345.50 will bring some more downward movement in the stock.
Resistance2-  376.2,  Resistance1-  370.7,  Pivot Point  361.35,  Support1-  355.85,  Support2-  346.5
The stock is currently facing a range bound movement. It now has major support at 330; breach of this level may take the stock further down.
Resistance2-  348.9,  Resistance1-  345.9,  Pivot Point  342.1 ,  Support1-  339.1,  Support2-  335.3
The stock showed an up movement during its trading hours. The major trend presently in the stock is sideways. The resistance for the stock is 465 and has support at 440. Break of resistance may take the stock further up. One may go for buying the stock once it breaks its resistance.
Resistance2-  463.53,  Resistance1-  460.07,  Pivot Point  455.53,  Support1-  452.07,  Support2-  447.53


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