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The stock is consolidating and tried to take support at lower levels and had an up rally in today's trading session. One could go for sell on rise strategy in the stock until it crosses the level of 137 in upside.
Resistance2-  141.13,  Resistance1-  138.77,  Pivot Point  134.63,
Support1-  132.27,  Support2-  128.13
The stock is consolidating currently. It now has next support at 960, breach of this level may continue the bearish trend of the stock else it may also bounce back from lower support levels and has resistance at 1002, crossing of which will take it further upwards.
Resistance2-  1019.27,  Resistance1-  1007.68,  Pivot Point  988.02,
Support1-  976.43,  Support2-  956.77
After going up during the earlier trading hours the stock was not able to sustain at its resistance level and moved
down during the trading hours. The trend presently in the stock is weak. The stock is now facing resistance at 1615 and has support at 1540. The stock is close to its support level and break of support may take the stock further down. One may go for selling the stock once it breaks its support.
Resistance2-  1602.72,  Resistance1-  1579.13,  Pivot Point  1566.12,
Support1-  1542.53,  Support2-  1529.52
The stock moved down during the trading hours after breaking its support at 485 and marked a low of 482. A strong recovery was seen in the stock during the later trading hours but the stock ended on a negative note. A further more correction can be seen in the sock once it breaks its support level. The support for the stock is 480
Resistance2-  500.97,  Resistance1-  495.33,  Pivot Point  488.77,
Support1-  483.13,  Support2-  476.57
The stock moved up during the trading hours and ended on a positive note. The trend presently in the stock is sideways. The stock is now facing resistance at 1840 and has support at 1750. Break of resistance may take the stock further up. One may go for buying the stock once it breaks its resistance level.
Resistance2-  1856.4, Resistance1-  1836.2,  Pivot Point  1805.8,
Support1-  1785.6,  Support2-  1755.2


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