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The stock moved up during the trading hours and the major trend presently in the stock is up. The stock is facing resistance at 512 and has support at 485. Break of resistance may take the stock further up. One may go for buying the stock once it breaks its resistance.
Resistance2-  514.77,  Resistance1-  508.93,  Pivot Point  502.87

Support1-  497.03,  Support2-  490.97
A correction was seen in the stock during its trading hours. The stock was not able to break its resistance at 1780 and moved down. The stock is now facing resistance at 1780 and has support at 1700. The stock is close to its support and break of support may take the stock further down. One may go for selling the stock once it breaks its support.
Resistance2-  1781.83,  Resistance1-  1747.87,  Pivot Point  1725.98

Support1-  1692.02,  Support2-  1670.13
As the quarterly results were declared the stock showed a volatile movement during the trading hours and ended on a positive note. Break of resistance may take the stock further up. One may go for buying the stock above its resistance.
Resistance2-  307.68,  Resistance1-  302.47,  Pivot Point  294.58

Support1-  289.37,  Support2-  281.48
Today also IDFC consolidated with negative biasness. The stock is having resistance level at 139 and support level at 133. It is expected to consolidate with negative biasness in short term, and below the support level it is looking weak in short term.
Resistance2-  138.55,  Resistance1-  136.7,  Pivot Point  135.1

Support1-  133.25,  Support2-  131.65
In today's trading session it was up by 2.06 %, from this level further upside of movement would be expected. It is looking bullish in the coming trading session if it manages to trade above the resistance level of 88 else below 82 it would be in a downward trend.
Resistance2-  89.38,  Resistance1-  87.97,  Pivot Point  85.98

Support1-  84.57,  Support2-  82.58


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