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Hindalco Industries
The stock moved down during the week and closed with positive biasness. The trend presently in the stock is weak. As the stock closed with positive biasness a further up movement can be seen in the stock once it breaks its resistance level. The stock is now facing resistance at 189 which is the 10 day moving average of the stock and has support at 181.One may go for buying the stock once it breaks its resistance level.
Resistance2-  195.05,  Resistance1-  189.9,  Pivot Point  185.8, 
Support1-  180.65,  Support2-  176.55
Maruti Suzuki India
MARUTI is in consolidation phase from last many sessions and last week it continued the same. The stock has resistance level at 1256 and support level at 1190. In short term it is expected to consolidate and remain range bound. Technically above the resistance level it is looking strong on charts.
Resistance2-  1274.85,  Resistance1-  1250.75,  Pivot Point  1220.9,
Support1-  1196.8,  Support2-  1166.95
Ranbaxy Laboratories
Ranbaxy from the last few trading session moving sideways and in today's trading session it was up by 0.58 %. It is now trading at 535.05 from this level either side of movement would be expected. In order to be in an upward trend it has to trade and consolidate above the resistance level of 555 else below 529 it would be in a downward trend.
Resistance2-  552.28,  Resistance1-  543.67,  Pivot Point  536.33, 
Support1-  527.72,  Support2-  520.38
The stock has moved in an up rally previously and is now consolidating. One should wait for sometime in the stock as it is expected to continue consolidate a bit after a sharp a continuous up rally.
Resistance2-  241.28,   Resistance1-  236.17,  Pivot Point  232.58,
Support1-  227.47,  Support2-  223.88
Larsen and Turbo
L&T remained sideways in last week and closed with moderate losses. The stock has resistance level at 1737 and support level at 1654. In short term it is expected to show some correction and to test its support level.
Resistance2-  1760.72,  Resistance1-  1727.38,  Pivot Point  1702.72,
Support1-  1669.38,  Support2-  1644.72


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