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The stock is currently moving in bullish trend. One could hold the long positions in the stock as it is expected to continue its bullish trend and may move till the levels of 147-150 in coming trading sessions.
Resistance2-  970.48,  Resistance1-  959.17,  Pivot Point  943.08
Support1-  931.77,  Support2-  915.68
IDFC as expected recovered from the lower levels and made intraday high of 122.70. The stock now has resistance level at 125 and support level at 114. In short term it may continue its recovery and test the resistance level.
Resistance2-  125.18,  Resistance1-  123.17,  Pivot Point  120.68,
Support1-  118.67,  Support2-  116.18
SUN PHARMACEUTICALS consolidated with positive biasness, in today's trading session. The stock has resistance level at 500 and support level at 472. It's
looking very strong on the chart. It is expected to consolidate with positive biasness and to test its resistance level in short term.
Resistance2-  497.9,  Resistance1-  493.05,  Pivot Point  485.15,
Support1-  480.3,  Support2-  472.4
It is now taking support at 525 and resistance at 556. The stock is trading in a short term down trend and in today's trading session it manage to trade and close below the 10 days and 50 days moving averages. It is looking bearish in the coming trading session if it manages to trade below the support level of 526 else above 556 it might be in an upward trend.
Resistance2-  565.33,  Resistance1-  548.27,  Pivot Point  537.63,
Support1-  520.57,  Support2-  509.93
The stock moved up during the trading hours and closed with positive biasness. The stock is now facing resistance at 2348 which is the 50 day moving average
of the stock and has support at 2300. A further up movement can be seen in the stock once it breaks its resistance level.
Resistance2-  2365.85,  Resistance1-  2345.7,  Pivot Point  2323.85,
Support1-  2303.7,  Support2-  2281.85.


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