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It is now taking support at 555 and resistance at 587. The stock is trading in a short term up trend and in today's trading session it manage to trade and close above the 10 days and 50 days moving averages. It is looking bullish in the coming trading session if it manages to trade above the resistance level of 587 else below 557 it might be in a downward trend.
Resistance2-  596.87,  Resistance1-  585.68,  Pivot Point  570.82,
Support1-  559.63,  Support2-  544.77
The stock has successfully tried to take support at lower levels and had an upward rally. Its next resistance is at 2247, crossing of this level may bring some more upward movement in the stock. One may go for the long position till it breaches its support level of 2161.
Resistance2-  2261.12,  Resistance1-  2233.28,  Pivot Point  2197.32,
Support1-  2169.48,  Support2-  2133.52
The stock is currently moving in bearish trend. One may hold the short positions in the stock as it is expected to move till the levels of 127-125 in near term.
Resistance2-  132.43,  Resistance1-  128.82,  Pivot Point  126.78,
Support1-  123.17,  Support2-  121.13
IDFC is in major down trend and today it continued the same making intraday low of 119.70. Now the stock has resistance level at 123 and support level at 115. In short term it is expected to remain in bearish phase and to test its support level.
Resistance2-  126.22,  Resistance1-  123.13,  Pivot Point  121.42,
Support1-  118.33,  Support2-  116.62
The scrip is trading sideways and showing momentum strength below 1039. It is now trading at 1046.85; from this level further downside of movement would be expected. In order to be in a downward trend it has to trade and consolidate below the 10 days and 50 days moving averages. One can go for short position in it at 1039 for the target of 1005.
Resistance2-  1075.65,  Resistance1-  1061.25,  Pivot Point  1051.15
Support1-  1036.75,  Support2-  1026.65.


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