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The stock had a gap up opening in today's trading session amid news of fuel price hike and had a consolidation in the whole trading session. Its next resistance level is at 639, crossing of this level will take the stock further upwards. One should now wait for sometime in the stock.
Resistance2-  700.18,  Resistance1-  682.07,  Pivot Point  668.58,
Support1-  650.47,  Support2-  636.98

ONGC was trading in a short term upward trend and in today's trading a gap up opening made it to trade above the 10 days and 50 days moving averages. The stock has a resistance level of 298 and support at 280 .It is looking bearish in the coming trading session; one can go for short position in it at 280 for the target of 260.
Resistance2-  302.43,  Resistance1-  293.32,  Pivot Point  288.38,
Support1-  279.27,  Support2-  274.33

MARUTI showed upside rally in today's trading session making intraday high of 1159.20. The stock has resistance level at 1167 and support level at 1128. In short term it is expected to consolidate with positive biasness and to test its resistance level.
Resistance2-  1192.52,  Resistance1-  1172.63,  Pivot Point  1139.32,
Support1-  1119.43,  Support2-  1086.12

ITC showed negative biasness in today's trading session and traded in tight range. The stock may take resistance from the level of 197 and it has support level at 190. In short term it is expected to consolidate and remain range bound.
Resistance2-  197.27,  Resistance1-  195.43,  Pivot Point  193.97,
Support1-  192.13,  Support2-  190.67

The stock has successfully taken support at lower levels and had an up rally previously, it consolidated in today's trading session. One could go for buy on dip strategy in the stock until it breaches the level of 126 in downside.
Resistance2-  136.07,  Resistance1-  134.03,  Pivot Point  132.57,
Support1-  130.53,  Support2-  129.07


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