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After a brief consolidation the stock is showing strength above the level of 285, the stock has shown a sign of improvement with trading above the 10 days and 50 days moving averages. It is now taking resistance at 285 and support at 270. It is looking strong on charts; one can go for long position in it at 285 for the target of 300.
Resistance2-  287.22,  Resistance1-  284.43,  Pivot Point  281.22,
Support1-  278.43,  Support2-  275.22

The stock today managed to reach our mentioned levels and then had a recovery. Its next resistance is at 1275, crossing of this level may bring a short term up rally in the stock.
Resistance2-  1288.33,  Resistance1-  1277.37,  Pivot Point  1261.28,
Support1-  1250.32,  Support2-  1234.23

The stock showed down movement during the earlier trading hour and then a recovery was seen in the stock during the later trading session and closed on positive note. The major trend presently in the stock is sideways. The stock is now facing resistance at 1565 and has support at 1530. As the stock closed on positive note a further up movement can be seen in the stock once it breaks its resistance level.
Resistance2-  1565.58,  Resistance1-  1554.22,  Pivot Point  1539.63,
Support1-  1528.27,  Support2-  1513.68

The stock resisted at higher levels and had a downfall in today's trading session. Its next support is at 212.50, breach of this level will take the stock further downwards.
Resistance2-  231.52,  Resistance1-  226.08,  Pivot Point  221.92,
Support1-  216.48,  Support2-  212.32

The stock is currently moving in a tight range. Its next support is at 698, breach of this level will take the stock further downwards.
Resistance2-  734.12,  Resistance1-  718.73,  Pivot Point  709.42,
Support1-  694.03,  Support2-  684.72


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