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The stock showed an up move during the earlier trading hour and then moved down during the later trading hour. The stock is now facing resistance at 183 and has support at 172.As the stock closed on a positive note a further up movement can be seen in the stock once it breaks its resistance level. One may go for buying the stock once it breaks its resistance level.
Resistance2-  186.42,  Resistance1-  184.63,  Pivot Point  181.17,
Support1-  179.38,  Support2-  175.92

In today's trading session, the stock breaks its resistance level and made a high of 1299.90. The stock was up by more than 2.5%.It now has next resistance level at 1308 and support level at 1285. One may hold long position in it till it breaks its support level of 1285.
Resistance2-  1322.2,  Resistance1-  1307.6,  Pivot Point  1285.3,
Support1-  1270.7,  Support2-  1248.4

The stock moved down during the trading hour and closed on a negative note. The major trend presently in the stock is sideways. The stock is now facing resistance at 464 and has support at 450. As the stock closed on a negative note a further down movement can be seen in the stock once it breaks its support level.
Resistance2-  462.77,  Resistance1-  458.88,  Pivot Point  452.02,
Support1-  448.13,  Support2-  441.27

The stock today managed to reach our mentioned levels. Now its next support is at 310, breach of this level may take the stock further down else it may also bounce back.
Resistance2-  328.13,  Resistance1-  322.62,  Pivot Point  318.53,
Support1-  313.02,  Support2-  308.93

NTPC had correction in today's trading session and closed with moderate losses. The stock has support level at 182 and resistance level at 190. In short term it is expected to consolidate and remain range bound.
Resistance2-  191.92, Resistance1-  188.93,  Pivot Point  186.72,
Support1-  183.73,  Support2-  181.52 


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