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KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK bounced back today and made intraday high of 504.90. The stock has support level at 482 and resistance level at 507. It is expected consolidate with positive biasness and crossing of resistance level may take it to higher levels.
Resistance2-  515.8,  Resistance1-  508.25,  Pivot Point  497.35,
Support1-  489.8,  Support2-  478.9

The stock had an either side movement this week. One should wait for crossing of levels on either side before taking any positions in it.
Resistance2-  247.02,  Resistance1-  243.43,  Pivot Point  236.92,
Support1-  233.33,  Support2-  226.82

The stock is consolidating currently in a range after a bearish trend previously. One should now wait for sometime in the stock as it is expected to consolidate a bit after this downfall.
Resistance2-  326.12,  Resistance1-  323.58,  Pivot Point  319.27,
Support1-  316.73,  Support2-  312.42

In today's trading session, the stock again breaks its support level and made a low of 978. The stock was down by 3% .It now has resistance level at 989 and support level at 978. It is expected to consolidate with positive biasness and to show some correction in short term. One may go for the sell on rise strategy in it till it breaks its resistance level of 989.
Resistance2-  1012.18,  Resistance1-  998.07,   Pivot Point  988.03,
Support1-  973.92,  Support2-  963.88

The stock showed a continuous down move during the trading hour and closed on a negative note. The major trend presently in the stock is weak. The stock is now facing resistance at 1840 which is the 50 day moving average of the stock and has support at 1765. As the stock closed on a negative note a further down movement can be seen in the stock once it breaks its support level.
Resistance2-  1836.03,  Resistance1-  1813.92,  Pivot Point  1800.98,
Support1-  1778.87,  Support2-  1765.93 


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