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The stock had an either side movement this week. One should wait for crossing of levels on either side before taking any positions in it.
Resistance2-  248.55,  Resistance1-  246.35,  Pivot Point  243.7,
Support1-  241.5,  Support2-  238.85

The stock remain positive all through the trading session and made a high of 920.95.It now has resistance level at 930 and support level at 915. In short term it is expected to consolidate with positive biasness and test its resistance level. One may go for the long position above its resistance level.
Resistance2-  930.08,  Resistance1-  923.32,  Pivot Point  914.18,
Support1-  907.42,  Support2-  898.28

ITC crossed its resistance level today and made intraday high of 207.35. The stock may face resistance from the level of 208 and it has support level at 200. In short term is expected to remain range bound.
Resistance2-  209.38,  Resistance1-  207.57,  Pivot Point  205.53,
Support1-  203.72,  Support2-  201.68

In today's trading session, the stock breaches its support level moved downward after the quarter1 result has been announced and made a low of 395. The stock was down by more than 4%. It now has support level at 395 and resistance level at 400. One may hold short position in it till it crosses its resistance level of 400.
Resistance2-  425.62,  Resistance1-  412.28,  Pivot Point  403.67,
Support1-  390.33,  Support2-  381.72

The stock showed a continuous down move during the trading hour and closed with negative biasness. The trend presently in the stock is sideways. The stock is now facing resistance at 185 and has support at 175. Break of support may take the stock further down.
Resistance2-  189,  Resistance1-  183.9,  Pivot Point  180.8,
Support1-  175.7,  Support2-  172.6


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