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Intraday Tips- Technical Report and Outlook for Tuesday 2nd August

Ranbaxy had been consolidating in a particular price range of 530-550 and it is now trading at 561.45, in today's trading session it manages to trade above the major resistance level of 357. It is looking bullish in the coming trading session if it manages to trade above the resistance level of 557 else below 537 it would be in a downward trend.
Resistance2-  554.02,  Resistance1-  546.23,  Pivot Point  539.12, 
Support1-  531.33,  Support2-  524.22
IDFC is currently moving in sideways trend. The stock now has resistance level at 132 and support level at 121. In short term it is expected to consolidate with negative biasness
Resistance2-  140.85,  Resistance1-  137.4,  Pivot Point  134.25, 
Support1-  130.8,  Support2-  127.65
The stock is consolidating currently after showing downtrend previously. The stock has resistance level at 1755 and support level at 1700. In short term it is expected to continue its consolidation.
Resistance2-  1823.73,  Resistance1-  1791.87,  Pivot Point  1763.48, 
Support1-  1731.62,  Support2-  1703.23
The stock closed negative and it is showing losing momentum with trading below its moving averages and it is now trading at 553.40. It is looking bearish in the coming trading session; one can go short position in it at 547 for the target of 530.
Resistance2-  602.9,  Resistance1-  596.2,  Pivot Point  588.65, 
Support1-  581.95,  Support2-  574.4
The stock has manages to closed near to the support level of 264 from this level further downside of movement would be expected. One can go for short position in it at 264 for the target of 250.
Resistance2-  296.02,  Resistance1-  292.38,  Pivot Point  285.27, 
Support1-  281.63,  Support2-  274.52


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