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Intraday Tips- Technical Report and Outlook for Wednesday 7th September

The stock moved with positive biasness and had an up rally last week. It now has resistance at 140.50 and support at 130. One should now wait for sometime in the stock.
Resistance2- 146.3, Resistance1- 142.8 , pivot Point 136.95, Support1- 133.45, Support2- 127.6

The stock was consolidating in a range of 775-800, in today's trading session it broke the resistance level of 799 and made a high of 825.50, it is now trading at 805.45. In order to be in an upward trend it has to trade and consolidate above the next resistance level of 838 else below 775 it might face more selling pressure.
Resistance2- 856.83, Resistance1- 839.17, pivot Point 807.83, Support1- 790.17, Support2- 758.83

In trading session, the stock consolidates with positive biasness. In upcoming session some more bullish trend can be expected, if it able to sustain above its resistance level. It now has next resistance level at 511 and support level at 498.One may hold long position in it till it crosses its support level downsides.
Resistance2- 512.68, Resistance1- 502.27, pivot Point 494.33, Support1- 483.92, Support2- 475.98

M&M had upside trading session today and it made intraday high of 800. The stock now has support level at 765 and resistance level at 802. It is expected to continue its positive biasness in short term, and crossing of resistance level may take it to higher levels.
Resistance2- 824.87, Resistance1- 811.08, pivot Point 786.22, Support1- 772.43, Support2- 747.57

The stock has tried to reverse taking support at lower levels. Its next major resistance is at 214, if it consolidates for a while then crossing of this level will take the stock further upwards.
Resistance2- 211.17, Resistance1- 204.93, pivot Point 199.77, Support1- 193.53, Support2- 188.37 


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