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The stock showed a continuous up move during the market hours and close with the gain of 6.06%.The stock made an intraday high of 529.4. As the stock closed on positive note a further up movement can be seen in the stock once it breaks its resistance. One may go for buying the stock once it breaks its resistance level.

Resistance2- 549.88, Resistance1- 529.77, Pivot Point 509.28, Support1- 489.17, Support2- 468.68

Today the stock gives a very good recovery after two day's consolidation and closes with a gain of 6.09%. In short term bullish trend can be expected in the stock, if it trades above its resistance level. Now it faces resistance at 1885 and support at 1757.

Resistance2- 1961.8, Resistance1- 1920.85, Pivot Point 1839.05, Support1- 1798.1, Support2- 1716.3

Today the stock continue its up rally and made a high of 190, after crossing its previous resistance level of 178. In short term it is expected to continue it's up rally, if it crosses its resistance level else it will show some correction. It has next resistance level at 190 and support level at 170.

Resistance2- 201.23, Resistance1- 193.12, Pivot Point 181.88, Support1- 173.77, Support2- 162.53

Maruti opened below its previous closing and manage to close with moderate gain. Short term trend is sideways so either side movement can be expected. Stock closed with an intraday high of 1090, now resistance level at 1092 and support at 1063.

Resistance2- 1104.23, Resistance1- 1094.12, Pivot Point 1079.88, Support1- 1069.77, Support2- 1055.53


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