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The market is expected to trade in a narrow positive range. The critical support for Nifty is around 4,820, and above this level the sentiments are expected to remain strong.  
The first resistance for today's session is near 4,860 and the major resistance is around 4,900 levels. In the down side, Nifty may take support at 4,793.

Ranbaxy had a volatile trading session today and closes with moderate gain. Now it is facing resistance at level of 453 and support at 442. One may go for long position after crossing of resistance.
Resistance: 460.53 - 455.07, Support: 443.07 - 436.53

The stock is moving with the downward trend, where in yesterday’s trading session it sustained at the support level of 367. Currently it is facing resistance at 389, above which it may show an upside move. It is expected to trade with the positive biasness in the upcoming sessions.
Resistance: 396.3 - 392.4, Support: 381.3 - 374.1

The stock continued its upward movement in yesterday’s trading session. It is now facing a resistance at 330 and support at 318. If it manages to sustain at current level then it is expected to show further upward movement. One should wait for crossing of the levels before taking any position in the stock, as the stock may try to reverse back after continuous up rally.
Resistance: 330.27 - 327.63, Support: 319.73 - 314.47

The stock has continued to trade range bound in Yesterday’s session as well, consolidating between the support level of 371 and resistance level of 392. One can wait in the stock until it breaches either of the levels as it can give an either of the movement.
Resistance: 387.8 - 384.65, Support: 377.55 - 373.6


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