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The stock showed consolidated movement in yesterday’s trading session and ended up on a positive note. It now has a support at 304 and resistance at 316. If it sustains at this level then further upward movement could be expected in the stock else it could also reverse back taking resistance at higher levels.
Resistance2- 318.1, Resistance1- 314.3, Support1- 305.85, Support2- 301.2

The stock has continued to show negative biasness in yesterday’s trading session also able to sustain above its support level of 121. It is looking weak on charts below this level, where one can go for a sell position into the stock once it has experienced a short phase of consolidation. It may also show a recovery by bouncing back from this level.
Resistance2- 130.4, Resistance1- 126.9, Support1- 120.6, Support2- 117.8

In yesterday’s trading session, the stock remains negative and made a low of 487. The stock was down by more than 3%.In upcoming session some more bearish trend can be expected. It now has next resistance level at 496 and support level at 485. One may hold short position in it.
Resistance2- 510.35, Resistance1- 499.9, Support1- 483, Support2- 476.55

The stock showed an up move during the trading hour and closed on positive note. The major trend presently in the stock is weak. The stock is now facing resistance at 420 and has support at 400. Break of support may take the stock further down. One may go for selling the stock once it breaks its support level.
Resistance2- 429.42, Resistance1- 417.68, Support1- 393.93, Support2- 381.92


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