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Yesterday the stock has again managed to breach its immediate support and now sustaining at its lower level of 367 showing a consolidated movement. With the bearish trend in the stock it is expected to breach its recent support at the lower levels and move further downward or it may show an upside correction trading with the positive biasness. It is now facing resistance at 388 above which it may show an upside movement.
Resistance: 385.33 - 379.67, Support: 367.67 - 361.33

Tata motor covers from lower levels after taking support in today’s trading hours. In near term the stock can recover further after crossing its resistance level. It now has resistance level at 177 and support level at 160, breaching of support may take the stock to lower levels in near future.
Resistance: 182.42 - 177.43, Support: 165.23 - 158.02

The stock has shown consolidated movement in yesterday’s trading session and ended up on a positive note. It now has a support at 312 and is facing a resistance at 321. If it sustains at this level then further upward movement could be expected in the stock else it could also reverse back taking resistance at higher levels. One should wait for some time in stock till it consolidates for a while.
Resistance: 323.07 - 319.88, Support: 311.83 - 306.97

Technically the stock is consolidating with the sideways trend able to trade range bound facing resistance at the higher levels of 403 and having strong support at the levels of 384. As the stock has gained negativity in it, it may breach its support level in the upcoming session confirming downside movement in the stock.
Resistance: 395.13 - 390.02, Support: 381.77 - 378.63


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