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The Stock had positive side movement in today's trading session and closed with the gain of around 5.55%. Now it has resistance level at 84 and support level at 79. It may show range bound movements in short term.

Resistance2- 78.32, Resistance1- 76.83, Support1- 73.28, Support2- 71.22

In today's trading session, the stock consolidates with positive biasness and made a high of 196.90. At present the stock is in bullish trend. In upcoming session some correction can be expected. It now has resistance level at 197 and support level at 191.One may hold long position in it.

Resistance2- 198.6, Resistance1- 195.2, Support1- 186.6, Support2- 181.4

In today's trading session, the stock shown some recovery and consolidates with positive biasness. It made a high of 124.50.The major trend in the stock is bearish, in upcoming session some more bearish trend can be expected. It has next resistance level at 125 and support level at 122.

Resistance2- 124.45, Resistance1- 122.6, Support1- 118.15, Support2- 115.55

Ranbaxy ha d upside movements in today's trading session and made intraday high of 515.40. Now it is facing resistance at level of 520 and support at 500. It is expected to continue positive biasness and may test its resistance level in short term.
Resistance2- 520.68, Resistance1- 515.42, Support1- 502.77, Support2- 495.38


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